Highlights are (Surroundings):

  • Independence Square
  • Waterfront
  • Presidential Palace 
  • Tower of Ministry of Finance
  • The Wooden city
  • Downtown Paramaribo
  • Palm Garden

Waterkant 4 Paramaribo, Suriname, South America

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History in short of Hotel la Petite Maison:

The city’s most important houses have always been situated on the Gravenstraat, which, however, is followed immediately in architectural importance by the Waterkant. Unfortunately, all the oldest buildings were lost in the fires of 1821 and 1832.

There are not only handsome patrician houses . Many of them now converted into offices . But also several large commercial buildings with a higher central section and lower wings at either side.

A small premises that hasn’t considerably changed since its construction in 1830.
Before the Fire of 1821, there was a small house there. It was built in 1750 adjoining the lot of Cornerhouse [Waterkant 002], but was sold separately later on.

Chronological order / Timeline:

Probably the Waterkant 4 only became an independent lot after the Fire of 1821. Until then, it was part of the adjoining lot on the corner, lot 002. Back then, there were 2 houses next to the Cornerhouse, one of them with the roof transverse to the street. The house currently facing the street on lot 004 is probably the bigger one of the houses.

The lot is destroyed during the Fire of 1821.

After 1821
Rebuild. Around 1830(?) there was a quaint little house on the lot.

The Occupants are the Government Official Willem Lans and his partner Susanna Cornelia Buillab. Up until this day it isn’t known if Lans was merely a tenant or the owner. This household consisted of 8 houseslaves.

Occupied by J.W.Saeltzer.

Occupied by Jacob Martini van Geffen.

The house is occupied by it’s most famous occupant, Dr. Herman Daniel Benjamins, founding father of education in Suriname.

Occupied by P. Tiffany.

Occupied by A. C. J. M. Alberga.

Date unknown
Occupied by J. C. van Rossen.

Occupied by H. G. A Tjak.

The house is turned into a small hotel: La Petite Maison.